Angie's List

Angie’s List is improving our marketplace offerings for consumers and service pros alike.

A Simpler, More Engaging Solution

  • Deals are easier for homeowners to claim.
  • Pros receive more complete homeowner information.
  • Angie’s List no longer charges a transaction fee.
  • No more hassle with eCommerce refunds and invoices.
  • Only available to qualifying advertisers.

Deals are user-friendly.

Deals collect more information without requiring a credit card, increasing engagement and driving you more value.

Easily offer the Deals members want.

With a pre-defined selection of offers known to have high conversion rates and low refund rates, both pros and consumers enjoy a best-in-class experience.

Deals are now available to eligible pros!

Eligible pros may begin creating Deals now! Contact your Angie's List representative to get started.

Deals are easy on you.

You will receive an email with each newly claimed Deal, and can easily manage these leads in the Business Center.

How you Benefit

1. You keep all proceeds from Deals sold.

2. Work with a dedicated representative to add more Deals from our selection of offers.

3. Your leads are easy to manage through your Business Center, where you will begin to find more useful information on your customers' projects.